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As the first buds of spring come into bloom, so do our social calendars. From weddings and baby showers to race days or garden parties, there’s no doubt that your diary is brimming with dates already. But with every invite comes the anxiety of what to wear. Be it the (unpredictable) weather or a difficult dress code, there are a few key things to consider when it comes to nailing event style this season.


The first rule of spring party dressing is to have fun with your style. As we shed the heavy layers and cool neutrals of our winter wardrobes, now is the time to play with colour, pattern and bold silhouettes. And while fresh-cut flowers might inspire you to don your favourite florals, there is no limit to the prints or textures to try this season.

Think of the changing weather as less of a hindrance and more of a help. The warmer days and cooler nights leave room for layered looks filled with personality. Try a slip dress worn with a leather jacket, your favourite bodycon miniskirt matched with sheer tights and statement boots or even a blazer and wide-leg pants styled with a bralette.

Speaking of tailoring, we’re switching out black and grey hues in favour of fresh whites this spring. The Classic Turn Blazer and Classic Turn Pants offer a palette-cleansing co-ord that heralds the start of a new season. You can easily wear these pieces together or alone – we think they are extra fabulous when matched with the shimmering Platinum Queen Bralette and Platinum Queen Skirt for times that call for a little more energy.

To up the ante on your spring dresses, try the Neon Heart Dress in glimmering lime green. This fluid, floating silhouette speaks to the soft femininity we often associate with the change of season. For a more streamlined approach to cocktail hour, take the Beauty Master Midi Dress or Beauty Master Off Shoulder Dress in your stride. The clean lines and sculptured details combined with a captivating sage colourway really hit the spot.


Not all spring events are created equal. Your party wardrobe should account for the time of day, weather forecast and dress code on the invite. If you’re really not sure what to wear, think about how your host would dress for the occasion.

Spring weddings are particularly special. Whether you’re a bridesmaid or a guest there is a sense of magic that hangs in the air for nuptials at this time of year. Take your cues from the couple and plan your outfit accordingly. Is the location in the city or a countryside escape? Does the ceremony start in the warmth of the afternoon with a reception planned until the clock strikes midnight? Outerwear and accessories should factor into your dress choice to make sure your outfit is cohesive. If the wedding involves a weekend of events, you might need to plan what to wear for a rehearsal dinner or recovery brunch, too.

Race days bring out the best in our wardrobes. However, there are a few do’s and don’ts that you should be aware of when planning outfits for any spring carnival:


- Pick a stylish outfit that you feel comfortable in. The fashion stakes are high on race day but it's important that you wear a dress that you can sit, stand and celebrate in.

- Accessorise with a fascinator or hat. Now is the time to let your personality shine, whether you’ve invested in custom-made headwear or taken the DIY route.

- Wear sunscreen. There’s nothing worse than unwanted tan lines (or sunburn). Remember you’ll be spending most of
the day outdoors, so be sure to apply SPF, even if it's cloudy.


- Be too casual. Denim, sportswear and sneakers are big no-no’s – think cocktail chic at a minimum.

- Show too much skin. Some member’s areas have specific rules or dress codes. Be mindful of cut-outs, short skirts and strapless silhouettes if you have a VIP ticket.

- Pick the wrong shoes. Stay away from stilettos that will sink into dirt or new sandals that might give you blisters.

Different race days also call for different outfits. If you’re heading to Melbourne Cup, go big and bold to dazzle your admirers, while for Derby Day, it’s best to take a more pared-back approach and adhere to the black and white dress code. School formals, charity balls, engagements and garden parties all seem to cluster at this time of year. From black tie to cocktail and semi-formal or smart casual, decoding the dress code is the best way to steer your outfit choices for each of these events.


We’ve done the hard work for you and put together a few failsafe outfits to see you through spring events.


While Black Tie doesn’t necessarily mean you have to wear black, there’s no denying the allure of a monochrome dress. If you prefer a splash of colour, lean into jewel tones and golden accents. Try: Digital Love One Shoulder Dress, Digital Love Slip Dress or Final Polish Strapless Dress


Celebrating love is always a good time. An engagement party is the perfect place to flex your cocktail dressing muscle, especially if the couple have opted for a venue that calls for a little extra glam. Try: Platinum Mini Dress, Night Cap One Shoulder Dress or Checkerboard Sequin Mini Dress


Make memories that will last a lifetime in dresses that are cool, classic and sophisticated. Play with length, silhouette and texture for a modern take on more classically formal styles. Try: Colour! Pop Mini Dress, Cosmic Turn Mini Dress, Supreme Extreme Dress,


Shower the mum-to-be with a day of fun and frivolity before baby arrives. Dress comfortably (especially if there are games involved!) and look to more casual fabrics like lightweight knits and modern denim. Try: Neon Heart Blouse paired with Classic Turn Pants, Opposites Attract Knit Set or Quilted Denim Bomber and Quilted Denim Skirt


What are our secrets to carry you through spring events in style? Read on:

Check (and check again) the weather forecast

Even a few drops of rain can ruin the most well-planned outfit. If the weather does turn, swap suede sandals for patent leather pumps to avoid any mishaps.

Don’t forget a jacket

There’s nothing worse than being cold when the evening chill sets in. From a classic trench coat to an oversized blazer, choose a layer that will complement your outfit and mood.

Take an antihistamine

Nothing ruins a springtime soirée quite like hayfever. Keep medication in your purse so that you can avoid any unwanted sneezes as the bride and groom say ‘I do’.

Spring is the perfect season for celebrations. Lean into the fresh, fun and sometimes flirty feeling with outfits that echo the mood. Take your chance on pastel hues or high-shine sequins and enjoy each and every event that comes your way without wardrobe stress.

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