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You’ve set the date, tasted the cake and even found the perfect dress. But what about your bridesmaids? Gone are the days of embarrassing frocks that are destined to be hidden in the back of a wardrobe for years to come. You’ve chosen these women to stand beside you on the happiest day of your life – it’s time to make sure they look just as amazing as you do (well, almost).


We all know that trends come and go, but weddings are the perfect place to touch on traditions.

And you might be influenced by the pages of history books without even knowing. The idea of a bridal party originally stemmed from the Ancient Roman rule that 10 witnesses were needed for a marriage to be legal. In the 15th century, the bridal party dressed exactly like the bride and groom. This was to protect them from evil spirits, as people thought it would confuse the spirits and they wouldn't know which couple were the newlyweds.

Throughout the 1800s, after Queen Victoria popularised the white wedding dress, it was in vogue for bridesmaids to wear white, too. However, there were rules to follow – all bridesmaids had to be younger than the bride, unmarried, and their veils shorter. By the turn of the 20th century, brides began experimenting with contrasting-coloured dresses for their bridesmaids so that the attention would be firmly focused on the wedded couple. This was the beginning of the bridal colour palette we know and love today: think dusty hues of pink, green, lilac and grey.


There are a few key things to consider when it comes to choosing your bridesmaids’ dresses, namely, colour, cut and cost. Whether your bridal party is big or small and who’s invited might help determine your approach to dress shopping, too.


Ultimately, everyone will look their best if they feel their best, so taking body type and personal style into consideration can lead to the most beautiful bridal party. Taking your bridesmaid's individual style on board, whether it’s modern, eclectic or a particular colour, can ensure that your bridesmaids not only look good but feel good for the entire day.


Intentionally mismatched dresses are a modern way to accommodate each of your bridesmaids’ needs. But mismatched doesn’t mean messy. If you’re wondering how to coordinate mismatched bridesmaid dresses, it’s easier than you think. Our favourite way to pull off a modern mismatch is to choose the same dress in different colours to suit individual hair and skin tone, or to pick a colour (or colour family) and fabric, and let your bridesmaids find a silhouette that they love.

Either way, our Bridesmaid Edit is the perfect place to start when creating a cohesive bridal party that will look incredible standing with you at the altar, as well as immortalised in your wedding day photo album.