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Refresh Your Back To Work Wardrobe

Forget about the ‘Sunday Scaries’, with more people returning to offices, many of us are experiencing Monday morning mayhem when we’re faced with dressing for work. While some businesses are offering hybrid models, it seems mostly that work-from-home setups are being
rolled back, and so too are our work-from-home wardrobes. But returning to your commute doesn’t mean you have to give up on the comfort, style and ease you’ve adopted over the past few years. These are the modern workwear rules to know.

Invest in key pieces

Building a capsule wardrobe or work ‘uniform’ is the best way to avoid any pre-meeting meltdowns. Taking the time to find pieces that fit perfectly, as well as considering fabrics that stand up against days spent sitting down are important. While you should feel free to play with colour, collecting pieces that work together is key. This gives you more room to mix-and-match and build different outfits from a core collection.

Classic white shirts, like the I'm Into You or Simple Minds styles are a no-brainer, while more fluid pieces, such as The Artists Way Blouse, can soften sharp tailoring. A pair of black trousers is also a must. We love the Flight Mode Straight Leg Pant and Night Cap Tailored Pant for a timeless
addition to your closet. The Cool Clique Hipster Pant in white or clay offers a slightly more relaxed silhouette thanks to cargo detailing but still maintains professional polish. And where would we be without a blazer? The ruby red iteration of the Editor's Pick silhouette offers just the right colour-pop to break up neutral hues.

Don’t compromise comfort

Ok, so it might not be quite appropriate to wear your favourite work-from-home sweatpants into the office but that doesn’t mean you should be uncomfortable in your outfit. Consider fabrics and fits, as well as how layering more ‘casual’ pieces with workwear classics can offer the perfect compromise.


The Flight Mode Crop Top, Total Refresh Crop Top or Sweet Ride Knit Singlet in black or white are great choices for wearing under a blazer while the temperature is still warm. The shirt dress is another great option for transitional dressing, and woven fabrics offer all-day comfort. We love the Sweet Ride Knit Dress, Power Base Knit Dress, MVP Knit Dress and Love Match Knit Dress for balancing casual and chic.


If you feel the need to suit-up for your workplace, try matching tailored pants with a low-key loafer or pair of white sneakers instead of a heel. We would have the Editor's Pick Pant in every colour if we could – the wide-leg style wears perfectly with a flat shoe.

Go back to basics

While a capsule wardrobe doesn’t have to be boring, it works best when filled with hard-working basics. Look for pieces that are classic – but with a twist. The MVP Knit Top has all-season appeal, as do the Instant Connection Pant and Flight Mode Jacket. Black, white and beige
colourways have staying power, and these pieces promise to be part of your collection for seasons to come.  


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Get creative with colour

If you’re not quite ready to wear a colour-pop suit, small flourishes can still lend neutral-toned outfits an ounce of flair. Accent your look with bold jewellery, like the Tube Link Earrings. Sculptural pieces also work well to bring personality to the table. We love the Chain Link Heart Earrings and Double Hoop Earrings too. Shoes and bags also lend the perfect opportunity to add a splash of your favourite shade to the mix

Three tips for kicking goals at work

1. Set boundaries that help you maintain a healthy work-life balance. For example, not responding to emails outside of office hours or checking in on weekends gives you the time you need to reset, recharge and meet your goals when you are at your desk.

2. Marie Kondo your workspace. Remove unwanted clutter from your desk, including old notes, charging cords and even the cup from your morning coffee. Keeping your environment clean and calm can help to clear your head on busy days.

3. Write things down. Use a daily planner, digital calendar or project management tool to keep track of your meetings, important deadlines and anything else of note. Taking the time to write a to-do list each morning will help you focus for the day ahead.

Refreshing your work wardrobe is a great way to feel inspired about returning to the office. When you look good, you feel great. Remember to let your confidence show and invest in pieces that will last – take a look at our workwear edit if you’re
still searching for inspiration.