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Melbourne-based stylist Alexandra's TIPS FOR TIMelESS & ELEGANT STYLE

Step into a world of timeless elegance and refined style with Melbourne-based stylist Alexandra's curated selections for the season. Delve into her expertly chosen key pieces, meticulously crafted to infuse your wardrobe with sophistication and grace, ensuring every ensemble exudes an air of timeless charm.

Unlock the secrets to feeling effortlessly confident in your everyday life as Alexandra shares her empowering tips. With her guidance, embrace the art of self-assurance and radiate confidence with every step.

"Styling women providing fashion inspiration is definitely a powerful way of boosting peoples self esteem and confidence".

MC: People are often overwhelmed by the latest fashion trends. How do you suggest staying current without losing sight of your personal style?

A: Fashion trends move so quickly now. To maintain your own style but stay on trend, just incorporate one or two little pieces into your wardrobe. These don’t need to be expensive as often the trend is over the following season. By doing this you will feel like you are still your own style muse"

MC: What are the top 5 essential wardrobe staples everyone should have, regardless of their personal style or budget. 

A: The top five must have pieces that I would use on rotation for me are a good blazer, a white t-shirt, a great pair of jeans doesn’t matter what style, a good pair of shoes (ballet flats, loafer, boot, heel) spend as far as your budget can afford and black pants".

MC: Your favourite style hack for instantly elevating an outfit?

A: The best hack to elevate your outfit is a great belt. It can transform a simple outfit into something special.

MC: The cold chill is coming! Are there any new trends or pieces you're excited to add into your autumn/winter wardrobe this year?

A: Now that Autumn is coming I would love to add a great trench to my wardrobe and a grey suit with strong shoulders.

MC: How do you believe fashion influences confidence, both personally and professionally?

A: Clothes and fashion have the power to influence how we feel about ourselves. For myself dressing everyday can be different depending on my mood. It is important for me to spend time planning my outfit and what I am going to wear. If I don’t feel great in what I am wearing I notice a confidence shift. Styling women providing fashion inspiration is definitely a powerful way of boosting peoples self-esteem and confidence.

MC: What are your top tips for individuals looking to embrace their unique style and feel more confident in their everyday lives?

A: I believe you should always stay true to what you feel like you look good in. Don’t follow a trend when it doesn’t reflect a sense of yourself. What is comfortable is what makes you feel confident. However, I think you should always be looking to try new  pieces and be brave . Break out of your comfort zone and try small changes that can then become part of your style and who you are. How you dress definitely reflects your personality and says a lot about the type of person you are".