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Stories Interrupted – And Breaking Down The Art Behind It

Supporting homegrown talent is part of MANNING CARTELL’S brand DNA. And with the launch of the latest collection, Stories Interrupted, there’s no better time to celebrate the creative minds behind the clothes. Designer Cheryl Manning engaged Australian artist Nathan Paddison to create a unique collaboration. Drawing on elements of Paddison’s raw emotive style of painting, the pieces in this collection convey a sense of freedom and fearlessness.

Introducing the new collection

Taking cues from the abstract expressionism seen in Paddison’s series on Queens, the latest collection explores the contrast of light and dark; muted and bold. Distinct printed pieces champion two of Paddison’s most iconic works: Queen of Diamonds and Queen of Spades.


Elegant tonal suits and high-shine slip dresses imbue a sense of cool femininity, while a play on proportion and contrasting fabrics add interest to classic silhouettes. From reimagined denim and draping knits, to luxe vegan leather pieces and shimmering jacquard, you’ll be inspired to explore urban utility in
your everyday wardrobe.  


Who is Nathan Paddison?

Australian artist Nathan Paddison fell into his profession by accident. While he could always draw, he only began painting about six years ago. But once he started, he couldn’t stop. “Art gave me a meaning for my life and I love it more than anything. It’s changed me, saved me and made me all at the same time and I’ve never been happier,” he shares. 


His signature use of abstract expressionism demonstrates how feelings and self-expression, careful brushstrokes and the relationships of colour combine to create thought provoking pieces.


Behind the collaboration

Cheryl Manning first discovered Paddison’s work on Kooness, an online art gallery showcasing global talent. After realising he was Australian, and following the success of MANNING CARTELL’S collaboration with John Coburn and his estate last year, Paddison was an obvious choice for the Artist in Residence program. The pair connected via Instagram and set to work dreaming up the unapologetic collection, Stories Interrupted.

Cheryl Manning and Nathan Paddison on the art behind the collection

Why merge art with fashion?


Nathan Paddison: I think art and fashion are very closely linked as they’re both about expressing yourself.

Cheryl Manning: Art and fashion are intrinsically linked. There is a story behind art, and fashion helps bring the story to life for a different audience. Art brings freedom, expression and soul. It enriches our collections and adds a new perspective.

Why did abstract expressionism make sense for the silhouettes in this collection?

CM: I could feel the freedom and
spontaneity in Nathan’s artwork, it was very expressive. It has a modern, pop punk aesthetic which I really liked. 

Why is collaborating with Australian brands important?

NP: Supporting Australian brands and collaborating together not only strengthens each individual but also
strengthens partnerships within the creative industry. We need to support each other and our craft.

Can you share the inspiration behind the use of colour and print?

NP: The colour choices in my artworks were selected to evoke a sense of freedom and fearlessness.


CM: Our hero prints set the tone for the collection. There is a gritty but modern graffiti vibe that plays on different colours. From hyper pink and neon yellow to softer pastel hues set against
moody greys, gothic black and chalky white.

How does this collection fit into everyday wardrobes?

CM: All the prints bring a joyful expression to wardrobe staples. I see the printed pieces being worn with
leather to make the colours pop. You can style back with sneakers, boots, or heels. You just need to be confident and proud of who you are.

Powerful prints

Embrace the strength of bold printed pieces this season. Let the Queen Of Spades Shirt Dress or Queen Of Spades Slip Dress offer a captivating addition to your day-to-night wardrobe. For a more subtle take, work the Queen Of Diamonds Shirt or Queen Of Diamonds Silk Scarf back with colourblock suiting.

Reworked denim

Distressed details and ‘90s silhouettes make denim feel brand new. The Punkette Bustier is the perfect starting point for reworking your approach to this classic fabric. Simply style with the Punkette Hipster Pant, Punkette Wrap Skirt or Punkette Mini Skirt depending on your personal style.

Daring dresses

Embrace the return to glamour with dresses that up the ante for every occasion. While the Savoir Faire Dress and Editor's Pick Dress are perfectly poised, the Soiree Slip Dress in silver or gold begs for a little extra drama.

Beguiling blouses

A show-stopping blouse can transform even the simplest outfits. Sheer fabrics and lace details dominate this season. Try the Future Nostalgia Blouse, Queen Of Arts Blouse in pink or black, or The Artists Way Blouse to shake up your wardrobe.


As art and fashion become increasingly linked, there is power in creating a gallery with your wardrobe. Adding new perspectives to classic pieces while exploring emotions and highlighting
homegrown talent is the key to MANNING CARTELL’S Artist in Residence program.


Discover more of Nathan Paddison’s works through his website and on Instagram.