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Even in the dimly lit crowd, she was unmissable in the room. Clearly a seasoned woman of the world, an adventuress even, supremely confident, languidly going places. The mystery? Her destination.

As we look to a new era of exploration and adventure, it is this sentiment of mystery and destination that have inspired the new collection from MANNING CARTELL. Sensuality and confidence collide for a collection that takes cues from modern rock-and-roll chic with nods to the retro styles of the 60’s and 80’s. The season embraces a sense of contrast through opposing concepts – stark vs. sensual curves; monochrome vs. searing colour; luxury vs. utility— exaggerated with brilliant, seductive surfaces.

This continuing the sense of glamour has continued to re-emerge in 2022. Futuristic metallic and stretch tech fabrics are contrasted with opulent details such as a soft sequined checkboard lace with feathered hems, leatherette, lace panelled with georgette and silver crystal trims highlighting our new plunging neckline.

Dresses are heroes in vivid tones of orchid and magenta and iconic in navy raffia. Versatile separates in black textures and transparencies flex their power for day into eve dressing. The hero staple is either our effortless satin or leatherette pant which can be worn back with a multitude of elegant top options.

Outer wear leads with boucle sets in a speckled herringbone weave of deep reds and blues, followed with a 60’s inspired luxe black boucle coat and grounded with the ever tran-seasonal Prince of Wales check suiting. Soft knitted separates and floating georgette blouses in black and white show a confident sensibility. Clean lines and strong silhouettes build on her existing wardrobe with impact and purpose.

She sets her own rules and moves to her own rhythm.